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Interview with Pia Diamandis Crafting Queer Aesthetics and Challanging Capitalistic Norms

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Interview with John Dillard Fluid Futurity in Art and Design

Passing Notes 
Issue 03
Interview on exhibit Kenophobic Pantomimes with Clare Gemima

Dissolving Human Shame & Anthropomorphizing Reality 
Columbia MFA Program 2023
Talk and Workshop

The Meltdown of Contemporary Aesthetics
Tyler School of Glass 2023
Talk and Workshop 

Montez Press Radio
Incantations 2020
Group incantation for Montez Press

Murat Adash, Earth Aengel, Jordan Mouzouris, Anna Perach, Rafael D’Alo, Asuf Ishaq, Henrique Lazaro, Stan Lordanov, Paulian Figueroa, Pei-Chi Wu, Rafael Perez Evans and Giles Thackway Incantations
05/27/2046 Canal Street New York Stories, poems, and experimental song spells.

Each a responsive incantation of their own, not just to the pandemic but to the ideologies that have seemingly crystallised these events. A counter to capitalist hallucinations and what has been their probable remedies so far. There’s a long history between the vocalised performance of incantations and the physical transformative healing process, blended together moving through the said infection of the mind, body or spirit. If survived, if healed, creating a period of rest and reflection. Enchantments, song spells or chants, all that can be found in the sound summons an action, a conversation, a song, between the healing and the curse. One could say that this current pandemic is both. What will be its period of rest and recovery while we grieve in its reflection? What are the hallucinations with probable remedies?Created by a spellbound group of artists that have been working together tirelessly in a communal kitchen for the duration of the lockdown. This work has come together as a result of global shifts and collaborative incantations.

Death As Decorator

Read by Jordan Mouzouris

Capitalist Hallucinations and Improbable Remedies
February 2020
Artists Reading/Protest/Lecture at the CCA in London