Eternal LOVE, 2023

Stained glass covering a dead willow tree, solder, jewelry chain, vintage resin coated butterfly wings, broach, shells, resin-clay, Light up LED figurine in scented rosin based biolastic (bodywax) with Mica, glass, solder, beads, shells, and crystals with Madonna’s 1/2 smoked clove cigarette with lipstick stains from the Cosmo shoot with Ellen Von Unwerth in 2014.


The SAGA and the Fantasea, B4 The Ocean Dies, 2024 

Rosin based bioplastic body wax with mica and perfume encased in steel, silicone, and glass jewelry charms with stained soldered glass panel.
Painting is 47 x 34 x 1 inches; Stained glass panel is 43 x 13 inches

Fantasea ONE, 2022

Stained glass, solder, jewelry chain, with a phalic tree-vine acrylic painting on wood.

S(he) / They / Ocean/ Tree  Pt.2  TRANS Mundi, 2023

Stained glass, solder, jewelry chain, resin-clay, crystal angel beads, a Light up LED water tornado that sparkles, shells, glass beads, wood beads as a tree, and swimmer figures made out of a rosin based bioplastic with mica and perfume - suspended by cable. 

S(he) / They / Ocean/ Tree  Pt.1  Dead Money , 2023

Stained Glass, solder,  patina, jewelry chain, resin-clay, two Light up LED motorized water pineapples that sparkle, shells, dinosaur bones, fossilized mussles, tigers eye sun, volcanic egg shaped carved rock, glass beads, wood beads as a grotto, rosin based bioplastic/body wax with mica and perfume pillars, vintage resin coated butterfly wings.

Murder Mountain, 2023

A collaboration with Sasha Fishman for the Jewish Museum
Stained glass, steel, aluminum, copper, pewter, bronze, patina, shells, moonstones, crystals, ceramic, lights, rosin based bioplastic with mica and perfume, mica, electroplated copper, blown and flameworked glass, water, kelp, fish bait, cloves, star anise, quinoa, dill, poison seeds, paper pulp, spirulina, sand, turmeric, borax, salts

----- This collaborative installation responds to the impact that the Sassoons had on globalization and the supply chain. With a focus on recreating trade routes by exchanging our studio residues and finding ways to melt and mold them together to redistribute, regenerate, and cultivate, we attempt to both form and extract from the illogical system, questioning the hierarchies of perceived value systems (spiritual value, cultural value, or physical value) within the industrialized complex. Photos b@sasha.fishman


Cast iron pot hanger, wire, jewelry chain, copper bells, tree of life charms, stained glass, solder, wood, paint, pig stickers, metal-patina-soldered-Moon, paper collage of meteroite hitting earth with metal-patina-soldered-Sun. 

Playa Del Amor, 2022

Brass laser cut bird chimes, jewelry chain, copper wire, tree of life charms, copper bells, stained glass, solder, acrylic painting on wood of nude in Zipolite, Mexico laying on a rock under the moonlight.  With solar power chime covered with body wax and crystals. 

Grieving S(he) becoming They. Going into the Ocean/Tree.

IN THE FANTASEA There is a difference between vanishing and disappearing. Disappearing you can reappear. To vanish implies that you may never have been there in the first place.

Disappearing and reappearing is from another place. When you reappear, you may have brought something else with you from the ethers. Another layer, another dimension of yourself. 
Disappearing into my trees, and like lightning they came and split me in two. There was no fire just a piercing spark of cold dark-bright electricity. Flashing silhouettes of this ecosystem of life.

I look down at my palm and my life-line splits in two. There’s a significant portion where each line runs parallel burrowed in my fleshy palm. These binaries are facing each other-having a conversation- holding some kind of space for so many other things. It then is STRUCK and breaks off like a branch of lightning.

A tree- in a way has become my phantom body whispering to me- guiding me.

SAYING At some point in the cosmos we were both and ALL. We were everything and everything was us. On the star flower, we were monoecious trees sitting on the bank watching the Gynandromorphic lobsters swirling around each other. We could impregnate ourselves in the wind.  There was no such thing as thee all powerful. It was one system. It was one living body. We are one living body. 

I’m in the club and these Jim Morrison lyrics are playing in the club bathroom, breaking on through to the other side - sung by synthetic voice. “HE” turned into a crystalized stone of hyper-sexuality and total abandon. DRUGZ. And it created VANISH MODE.

My song was on the other side of recovery with the whales in the bottom of the ocean waking me up from my disillusionments. The oldest memories on Earth. The pain of realizations and growth feels like an exorcism from the Empire. Empirical DRUGZ work until they don’t.

They are a holding pattern of STATIC that  I could never stand on. Like sleeping with the TV on. It’s a simulation of being held. The smoking suppressed the grief. I carried the weight until the final black out – a near death experience. The white light is real in the mind and in the spirit.

The car FLIPPED for the last time and S(he) only became death and ritual. There was something else. I woke up to THEM in a white room with the watercolor paper. The bird chimes in the window sparkled and cut the light in two’s and 3’s and 4’s and so on -infinite.  I grabbed onto some kind of branch, and I vanished from the complete consuming abyss. One day at a time. Into the treez.

Now my psyche is a sober FANTASEA, in which I fade away and disappear.  The SAGA is over. I grow in and out of and break into this Gen-X, Boomertown, a sci-fi western video game of boredom, colonized bodies, and ecocide. I think Gen-Alpha will all have to become eco terrorists. Fighting the Oligarchy of plastic baubles and home-grown meat in the techno-feudalist prison of “men” pointing at things. Suing the corrupt government - gluing themselves to trees - chaining themselves to elephants.  Trying to breathe. Maybe the next species needs all this plastic? For now, progress always feel like someone else’s suffering. There must be a better way to STAY ON TOP OF YOUR GAME. Is it Gods Money? counting all the Dead money.

So, I disappear inside my Banyan trees- a never ending space of life and spirit. Here we make it rain over this entire Universe, dancing to a meaningless feeling of the most important thing in the world. Tiny pieces of green paper evaporating into the sun.