Dolphin Gurlz 4 Ever, 2019

Blown glass, metal stand, metal pipe-organ, chain, crystal locks, body wax, mica resin, and bricks.

Dolphin Gurlz ETERNAL, 2021

Blown glass, metal frame, chain, Japanese Rock Crystal jewelry, body wax, mica, resin-clay.

Wet Dreamz, 2019
Steel instrament


Self Portrait , 2020

Rosin based bioplastic bodywax with mica and perfume glazed over salvation army fresco relief.


GURLZ AREN’T GIRLS (it/its/they/ dolphin), started jailed by the overage of violent stimulation against gender discovery – in the pits of projected human shame the Dolphin Gurlz break free from the aquarium of disillusionment collecting its remnants in the tide pool of the ring master’s excrement. The institutional flailing flag -its bank of ideas, blows in the wind and then vanishes into thin air. The Dolphin Gurlz find themselves in uncharted open waters guided by an unseen force- themselves. The Dolphin Gurlz begin to reassemble themselves in the hangover of the Empire.

Turning away and tumbling through the deep ocean into the current, the Dolphin Gurlz finds themselves in a phosphorescent wave - a gender fluid pod in this abyss. The light flickers, pulsates, is led astray, and then forms a line over-and-over again 4 all eternity. This current is the source, or it is the promise of. It becomes this eternity, and it enters ALL of the bodies of the Dolphin Gurlz. 

The Dolphing Gurlz. Who are they? Gurlz aren’t Girls. Swimming beyond gender. Gurlz are their own economic collapse of sovereignty, at the pawn shop trading in their “sanity” to get a little spending cash for the after party of self-discovery. 

In the recovery room after top surgery, The Dolphin Gurlz are finally dissolving into one shared body of experience- communicating in sonar miles away from the Empires pysche evaluation. Hovering above ones’ own image - trying to enter ones own body. It's a collaboration of both confusion, relief, and then SPIRIT. 

Decolonized Bodies. Is it time to celebrate? A NIGHT ON THE TOWN. The Dolphin Gurlz are seen ordering Spaghetti on the border of Chinatown before heading to the club. What else really is there to do with this moment? We have transitioned and we will forever be  transitioning, digesting all of the new words. Together over spaghetti and neon lights we wave a final goodbye to the past and swim away into another horizon.