Earth Ængel (they/ them) is a NB-trans artist that creates from their own gender fluid experience, navigating fantastical queer ecology through the dysphoria of hetero-centric late capitalism. Earth does not attempt to shame and scold these man-made values into submission, but ingests it. Laundering its consumption and laying by its deathbed- grieving, consoling the outcome- its funeral, and resurrects it into the archive of predetermined aesthetics, bringing it to the queer afterlife. As aesthetics and material use are examined in their roots of empirical value, Earth Ængel uses heat related practices to melt it all down. Earth uses glass, metal, solder, found objects and rosin based bioplastics as tools to express the disillusionment of the binary, and writing as the primary guide to start each artwork or series. Earth is a recent MFA graduate of Goldsmiths University in London. They completed their undergraduate BFA at Parsons School of Design. They have received awards from The Arts Council of England, Goldsmith University, and the NYC Parks Department to develop their work.  They have exhibited works in New York, London, Mexico City, Chicago, and Cyprus.  They live and work in Brooklyn, NY with their partner Rob Rose, where they have a separate art practice as an art duo, called earthr.